Monday, March 19, 2012

Mad Men is back

New post(s) about my spring break travels after all of my assignments for this week are turned in, but quick post on one of my favorite shows: Mad Men. I own seasons 1-4 on DVD and after waaay too long on hiatus, Mad Men is back on March 25.
Everyone has been guessing where the show, which left off in 1965, will pick up.  This recently released cast photo above has a Life magazine from 1954 on the coffee table.

Newsweek this week is Mad Men themed, even the ads are retro, including two real ads actually from 1965 (Smokey the Bear and Johnnie Walker Red).  I have got to get my hands on an issue!

The cast also graced the cover of TV Guide.  

Jon Hamm, you are beautiful. 

I am so ready for Don and the rest of the cast to be back!

Do you watch Mad Men? Who is your favorite character? 
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