Monday, September 17, 2012

Happy 89th, Hank!

Today is the 89th anniversary of Hank Williams, Sr.'s birthday.  

Hiram King Williams was born on September 17, 1923 in Mount Olive, Butler County, Alabama.  He moved around Alabama and eventually formed the Drifting Cowboys.  In 1948, he joined the Louisiana Hayride a radio program broadcast from Municipal Auditorium, in Shreveport, Louisiana, my hometown.  Hank unfortunately passed away on New Years Day in 1953, but left a lasting impact on country music.

Municipal Auditorium, site of the Louisiana Hayride via

Last year, I curated an exhibit at the Hoole Special Collections Library called "Sounds Like Alabama" that featured Hank in a portion of the exhibit.  Here is the case on Hank and Hank, Jr.  

"If the good Lord's willing..." I just love this poster! 
 This summer, I interned at the Country Music Hall of Fame, and Hank was a prominent character in the story of country music there.  Hank was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1961.
In the photo below, Hank's portrait hangs on a banner next to the wall of gold, silver and platinum albums of various country artists.