Saturday, June 16, 2012

S-ART-urday (Porter Flea)

Today, after a delicious brunch at Jackson's, I went to Porter Flea with some friends.  This is the third time the event has occurred, allowing many independent crafters to sell their stuff.

Once I worked my way through the crowds (sign of a successful event!) I found some good stuff. Here's what I bought.
Check out Jam + Toast here.  This set of 12 cards was only $11!  

I also got a great deal on a print and card from the Clearance sale. Apologies on the terrible photo quality. I don't have my camera cord in Nashville to upload pictures.
"Nightscene" print from Adrienne and Brad at the Clearance sale 

Card from the Clearance sale 
 Check out more from Brad and Adrienne here.

More artists that were at the Porter Flea Market today that I loved:
Monkey Ink Design
Sally Harless

Little Things Studio
Jude Landry
and Jude's friend Tim Cook as well as jewelry by Lindsay Farrer at Simon&Ruby.

What did you do this weekend?

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