Friday, June 22, 2012

Happy birthday, Kristen!

I can't believe my little sister Kristen is turning 21 today. She's legal everybody!  Here's a look back on some of her younger years.  

Kristen's 2nd birthday - 1993. Sorry I got to the candles first. 

Happy 3rd birthday, Kristen. Our dog, Princess, is thrilled about the party hat. 

1995 - Happy 4th birthday! I think EVERY one of Kristen's birthday parties was a swim party at our house.  

That swim suit screams America. Happy 6th birthday, Kristen; happy 221st birthday USA. 

Wasn't she the most precious 3 year old?! Those curls were just like her: out of control.

Happy birthday, Pooks! I love you!

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