Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sophisticated Strawberries

Last week I had two potlucks at school and turned to Pinterest for recipe inspiration for both.  For one class I made these "Easy and Quick" Oreo Balls.  They were pretty quick, but easy? It would have been easier if I would have had that electric mixer that is currently wrapped under the tree, but mixing these by hand was pretty sticky.  Literally . Oreo/cream cheese mix all over my fingertips.  And lots. of. stirring.
The hardest part to me was not making marks in the dipping chocolate that covered the Oreo balls while I was taking them out of the pot of white chocolate.  These strawberries are my inspiration to strive towards perfection the next time I use dipping chocolate:
       Bride and Groom strawberries via Lux Bridal

New Year's Eve strawberries via Catherine Victoria

Football strawberries via Shari's Berries
Santa strawberries via The Inspired Room

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